India’s diplomat’s phone snatched in Delhi; so who is she

The diplomat was reportedly out on stroll with her mother

India’s diplomat’s phone snatched in Delhi; so who is she

It could have been just another mobile phone snatching in national capital but the victim was none other than Eenam Gambhir, India’s First Secretary in Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations.

So what is so special about this diplomat? Because it was her who had called Pakistan as “terroristan” – “a geography synonymous with terror” with a flourishing “industry” producing and exporting global terrorism.

She made that speech in United Nations General Assembly in September 22 this year itself.

The diplomat was reortedly out on stroll with her mother when two men on a motorbike snatched her mobile phone.

Delhi police has registered a case on the crime committed.

It was also important that her stolen iPhone had important work-related documents. She is said to have told the police that her phone had a US-registered SIM card.

During her speech, Gambhir exposed Pakistan’s hypocrisy and described Sharif’s speech as a “long tirade” about the situation in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. She exercised India’s Right of Reply at the Assembly.

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