India’s strong retaliation to force Pak to plead for ceasefire

Pakistan has long been resorting to unprovoked firing,

Pakistan has long been resorting to unprovoked firing, causing loss of life and property of civilians. The situation got worse over the last month as snippers were pressed into action by Pakistan to kill Indian jawans. Shelling on border villages on Indian side also continued unabated. But now, the Border Security Force has devised a method to hit Pakistan where it hurts the most, making our neighbour to seek a ceasefire.

According to a report in The Times of India, use of targeted firepower on farms and residences of Pakistan’s serving and former officers housed near the border has given favourable results to the Border Security Force.

According to the Times of India report based on top sources, code named ‘Operation Arjun’, the border force’s counter-offensive on Pakistan’s pain points saw the latter seek a ceasefire three days ago. BSF has particularly targeted farms and residences of retired Pakistan army, ISI and Pakistan Rangers officers who have been given land near the Indian border to facilitate their task of guiding infiltration and providing logistical help in anti-operations India.

The BSF counter-offensive–using small, medium and area weapons–resulted in heavy damage on the Pakistan side and the death of seven Pakistan Rangers and 11 civilians. According to the report, several border outposts of Pakistan army were destroyed.

Earlier, Army chief general Bipin Rawat said on Monday that surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC) could be repeated, if necessary, seeking to send a stern message to Pakistan.

He said cross-border infiltration will continue because camps across the Line of Control, from where terrorists are launched, are still operational, and warned that the Indian Army is ready to “receive” them and keep dispatching them to their graves.

“The strike was a message we wanted to communicate to them and they have understood what we mean…that things could follow up, if required,” Rawat said.

Army chief’s statement and BSF’s ‘operation Arjun’ once again highlight the recent change in tactics of our forces when it comes to replying to ceasefire violation by Pakistan. Our forces are repeatedly making Pakistan realise that unprovoked attacks on Indian territory will not only meet with the fierce opposition but also invite more surgical strikes if required.


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