Indonesia prepares for mass graves after quake disaster

strong 7.5-magnitude quake struck Friday

With the massive toll on lives in Indonesia due to quake and subsequent tsunami, the country is now readying to prepare for mass graves.

This is amid authorities battled to stave off disease and reach desperate people still trapped under shattered buildings.

With the death toll already at over 830 and expected to rise further on the devastated island of Sulawesi, there were growing questions about why an early tsunami-warning system had not been working for years.

The strong 7.5-magnitude quake struck Friday.

It toppled buildings and sending walls of seawater crashing into Palu.

Exhausted survivors scoured make-shift morgues for loved ones and authorities struggled to dig out the living or assess the scale of the devastation in more remote regions beyond Palu.

Rescuers raced against the clock and a lack of equipment to save those still trapped in the rubble, with up to 60 people feared to be underneath one Palu hotel alone.

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