Indrani Mukerjea has Stored 400 Liters of Water in her Cell

Indrani Mukerjea is Currently Imprisoned in connection with the Murder of her Daughter Sheena Bora

There are 20 water containers stored in Indrani Mukerjea’s small cell and the authorities are trying to ascertain the reason behind it. Indrani Mukerjea is currently imprisoned in connection with the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora.

Since last few months, Indrani Mukerjea, former director of INX Media Private Limited, has been buying one container of water from the prison canteen every week and storing it in her small cell.

A 20-litre water container costs Rs 120 in the jail. When asked about the reason, Mukerjea told the prison authorities that she ‘needed them’.

Indrani Mukerjea reportedly receives Rs 4,000 as money order every month and as per the purchase records, she spends the majority of the amount on purchasing water.

Since Indrani Mukerjea is a high-profile prisoner, she does not share her cell with any other inmate, but her act of storing water is not understood to be a security.said a prison official.

Interestingly, on November 15, Mukerjea’s lawyer had told the court that his client’s medical condition is “irreversible”. There are no further details made public about the nature of the said “medical condition”.

“Her medical condition is severe, deteriorating and aggravating. The path is not towards a cure,The path is towards deterioration,” her lawyer Tanveer Ahmed had said.

“Medical experts have opined that the infirmity with the lady is of an irreversible condition.So, deterioration is something which is inevitably going to happen,” he had added.

Her lawyer asserted that Mukerjea cannot receive treatment in the prison and required the supervision of specialist doctors and better medical facilities.

He had further alleged that Mukerjea did not receive a quarterly medical check-up, as was directed by the court while dismissing her previous bail plea in November 2018.

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