Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake desktop CPUs leaked

Intel’s 10th generation processors have so far only been seen in mobile devices, but still have been exciting in their own right. Intel has had some challenges locking down their 10nm lithography process, but finally, the company came through with the 10th generation mobile processors. However, Intel has been fairly quite about their 10th generation desktop processors. Turns out, a massive leak reported by WCCFTech has revealed everything there is to know about the upcoming 10th generation Comet Lake desktop processors.

Meet LGA 1200

The new 10 th generation Comet Lake CPUs will require a new motherboard with the LGA1200 socket. The new socket is the same size as the LGA1151 socket, but there are subtle changes that make Comet Lake CPUs mechanically and electrically incompatible with the LGA 1151 socket. The LGA 1200 will also have a higher pin-count and will not be backwards compatible with Intel’s CPUs. The 400-series boards will come with multiple chipset options, with he Z490 being aimed at the enthusiast user and the W480, Q470 and H410 being aimed at more mainstream users.


New CPUs abound

The 10th Generation Comet Lake line up will include 12 Core-series processors alongside 2 new Celeron chips and 2 Pentium G processors. The flagship processor leaked so far is the Intel Core i9-10900. The chip will have 10 cores,20 threads, a base clock of 3.0GHz and a boost clock of 5.1GHz. The leak highlights that there is a K-variant of the i9 as always, but doesn’t reveal its clockspeed, base or boost. The entire list of the CPUs and their leaked specs are below.

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