PM Modi: BJP MPs, MLAs to Avoid giving Controversial Masala

PM Modi tells BJP MPs, MLAs to avoid giving controversial masala to media

PM Modi on Sunday addressed party leaders and workers through the Narendra Modi App (NaMo App).

In the interaction, PM Modi advised party MLAs and MPs to avoid making controversial statements and stay away from the controversies that could harm party image and agenda of making a new India.

In an interaction with party lawmaker PM advised to not to say anything wrong and stop giving masala to media. The movement leaders see a camera they jump to share their opinions and commit the mistake.

“We commit mistakes and give masala to media. The moment we see a camera, we jump to make a statement as if we are great social scientists or experts and then these ill informed statements are used by media.

It is not the media’s fault,” said PM Narendra Modi through the mobile app. “It may sound bitter, but it is important for me to say this to you.

Sometimes our workers criticise media, but we have to think if we committed mistakes and gave masala to the media,” he added.

He also urged the party leaders to utilize the full potential of social media to connect with the people but to avoid making controversial comments.

PM Modi also appreciated MLAs of his party for connecting with people on a ground level. PM said, “Your efforts to connect with the people directly have infused a renewed energy in the party.”

The PM asserted on the need to focus on skill development and highlighted the benefit of Mudra Yojna in providing financial assistance to create an inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in the country.

The Prime Minister also held discussions with MPs and MLAs of various issues such as skill development, issues related to the development of rural areas and the welfare of farmers.

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