Iraq: Forces push deep into Mosul to retake it from IS terrorists

In Iraq, forces pushed deeper into Mosul in their fight to retake it from Islamic State terrorists. Lieutenant Colonel Salam al-Obeidi said, there is less than a square kilometer left to retake. He also estimated that there were only a few hundred Islamic State terrorists left in the city.

Another commander, Staff Lieutenant-General Abdulwahab al-Saadim said the forces will finish the operation within a few days.

Iraqi troops have led the fight to retake Mosul, held by the militants since 2014, with US led international coalition providing air and ground support.

In a statement, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, the forces are closer to declaring final victory over the Islamic State terror group.

Much of the Old City has been devastated in eight months of fighting, including the landmark 850-year-old Grand al-Nuri mosque and its leaning 45-meter minaret that jihadists blew up four days ago.

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