Is Sanitation Drive Becoming more of a Formality or Photo-Op ?

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is true to his call for 'Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan'

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is true to his call for ‘Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan’ and sincerely wants to eliminate garbage and filth from surroundings, it is the lot of opportunist followers who dampen the party. Constrained by the red tape, they are the one’s who utilize such opportunities for photo-op or just play symbolic ‘jhaaduwala’ and leave the spot as soon as the cameras are off.

The concern is that despite the sincere call from the end of Prime Minister, there are many a schools, colleges and rural settings where even toilets are missing evidently exposing that the so called drive have just been on the paper. While this is matter of grave concern, it is all the more disturbing that open defecation is continuing in many areas of the country. It is well known that almost 80 percent of ailments are due to lack of sanitation while it is also shameful that as high as 70 children perish out of 1000 because of such poor sanitation facilities.

Not to mention that lack of toilets only causes embarrassment to the women, girls and aged people of the society as they are then forced to go out in the open to relieve themselves.

Author in Hemendra Ksheersagar, Writer and Thinker

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