Is School Charging high fees for online classes?

By: R Ajith -clipper28

In India schools have decided to Collect full fees for Academic Year 2020-21 and have decided to provide Online classes.

Now parents have to bear the additional expenses of Internet data pack and also have to buy of new gadgets like (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Speaker/Headphones/Mobile) etc.

It is also to be taken under note that School Management with this ongoing system and procedure will be making a huge surplus and their recurring expenditure will be reduced to 65% as they shall be saving Electricity Bill,Class room maintenance,monthly overhead expenses etc.

But parents are now burdened of fees along with buying new gadgets,accessories and the internet data packs during the sufferance of pandemic.

The Role of School has been marginally reduced by 60% based on the curriculum.Due to online educational classes,both class work, homework along with revision has now become a part of Parent’s Supervision and responsibilities.Also this year most of the extracurricular activities like picnics,competitions,field trips,annual day function,sports function will not be taking place.

As per the current situation of Covid-19 many state governments have declared that,none of the schools will start functioning before September 2020.Many parents are most certainly in pain to have to pay the school fees forcefully with not considerable outcome in sight.

Education department has to seriously look into this matter at the earliest and pass a new notification on the issue of fees to the schools. Parents are running short of money and middle class people are hardly being able to manage their home with their hard earned savings.

If the over burden on the parents are not taken seriously there are high possibilities of a fall in student’s ratio.Literacy level will end up being a lost cause in India and students will have to suffer.

It is significant to note that no one is against the functioning of online classes or the payment of fees but the least they as parents are requesting at this point of time,is some relaxation from paying hefty fees and are expecting from the government,nothing but the reduction of school fees by 50% and a stringent support to be able to carry through this pandemic.

Online classes are undoubtedly beneficial as kids are able to learn new things and get techno savvy.But the fees are nothing but logs of wood on parent’s shoulder.It is therefore,a matter of utmost consent and attention to stratify the payment structure based on the curriculum they are providing and excuse the redundant fees.

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