Israel shot down a Syrian warplane flying over its Airspace

Israel shoots down Syrian warplane

Israel has shot down a Syrian warplane flying over its airspace in southern Golan, according to its army.

The Israel Defense Forces tweeted that two Patriot missiles were fired at the Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet which was one mile inside Israeli airspace.

Haaretz news website reports residents in north Israel saw interceptor missiles fired and heard explosions.

Unconfirmed reports say that one pilot was killed.

A SYRIAN warplane that Israel’s military said it intercepted was shot down over the occupied Golan Heights but may have crashed on the Syrian-held side of the frontier, Israel’s Army Radio reports.

The condition of the pilot was unclear after tonight’s incident, the report said.

Earlier the Israeli military said in a statement it had “intercepted” a Syrian warplane that penetrated Israeli-controlled airspace.

The statement said two Patriot interceptor missiles were launched at the Sukhoi jet after it crossed 2km “into Israeli territory” – a possible reference to the occupied Golan Heights on the Syrian front.

The statement did not say whether the missiles hit the plane.

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