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ISRO has find the location of the Vikram lander

Chandrayaan-2 Live Update

In its journey to find out what went wrong with the Vikram lander at an altitude of 2.1 kms from the lunar surface, Isro has been able to find the location of the Vikram lander.

This they accomplished with the help of the Orbiter that used one of its payload to click a thermal image of the lander on the surface of the Moon.

In an exclusive interview to India Today TV, Isro chief K Sivan said that the agency has managed to locate the lander using the orbiter and has attained a thermal image of it.

K Sivan said on Sunday, “We have found the location of the Vikram lander on the lunar surface and the Orbiter has clicked a thermal image of Lander. But there is no communication yet. We are trying to have contact. It will be communicated soon.”

Sivan said the lander may have hardlanded on the Moon.

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