‘red dot’ appearing on the behind of a woman

'red dot' appearing on the behind of a woman

Now there is hardly any debate about the stigma attached to the ‘red dot’ appearing on the behind of a woman as it only signifies her menstrual blood oozing out.

It is completely natural but the society despite all claims of opening up has not quite come to accepting it on the mainstream.

Thus the infamous blue gel-like liquid still holds the place of importance when depicting period blood in feminine hygiene commercials.

But a brand in the UK, Body form, is trying to change things through their #blood normal campaign.


The ad, which is a 20-second clip, aims at dealing with taboos related to periods and depicts realistic red liquid on a sanitary napkin.

The video also shows a woman in the shower with droplets of blood on her legs and ends with the message, “Periods are normal. Showing them should be too.”

The groundbreaking ad has taken social media by storm with women calling it “progressive” and “realistic”.


With this step by a UK company, we wonder how long will it take for Indian brands to let go of the stigmas attached to periods and make ads that are real and convincing.

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