Jacqueline Fernandez opens up on A Gentleman’s failure at the box office

“I am never harsh with films not working. I think it’s okay if a film has not been accepted. You move on. It’s terrible if that makes you change the way you look at stories or tell them. But I’m critical about myself.

I feel I could’ve done a scene differently. Cinema is art and we are just depicting a story. People tell stories in different ways. Just like with a painting or a portrait, everyone can’t be forced to like a film or not.”

On these lines, she said, “I know a lot of people who really liked the film. There are a lot of people who didn’t like it. They told me what their issues with the film were. When I see a film, though, I see it with a little bit of a perspective.

I’ve heard the script two years back and this is the story I believed to be entertaining to tell. When I see it, I actually enjoy it. With every take that I give for a film, I feel happy. There are so many memories attached. When we watch it in a trial, we relive them.”


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