Jamā.co.in – Wealth Advisory Platform Riding The Direct Plan Mutual Fund Wave

Assets On The Platform Crossed Rs. 150 crores with A Strong Advisory Customer Base.

Wealth Advisory Platform, Jamā.co.in has announced that they have crossed Rs 150 crores of Assets on their platform. The platform was launched in December 2016 and since then has seen rapid growth, as it fulfills the niche of investors looking for comprehensive wealth advisory solutions without the high costs of incumbent distribution and commission heavy models.

The platform is currently offering investment products spanning direct plan mutual funds, portfolio management services, insurance and real estate solutions through tie-ups with strategic partners. On mutual funds, Jamā has built a paperless way of helping investors switch to direct plans, which results in upto 40% more growth by eliminating recurring commissions.

An investor’s portfolio can be securely uploaded into the appenabling a wealth manager to spot and help fix portfolio weaknesses such as poor selection or inappropriate asset allocation. An added bonus is the savings by switching to direct at the click of a button.

Direct Plans of Mutual Funds have been growing rapidly in the Mutual Fund Industry, at 36% CAGR over the last three financial years, as per data from Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI). This is much higher compared to the industry average of 23%. Jamā identifies the extra profit an investor can make on their personal holdings by using actual NAV data of their funds.

Commenting on this unique capability, Mr. Ram Kalyan Medury, Founder & CEO of Jamā.co.in said, “Our clients are absolutely thrilled at the speed with which they could switch to direct plans. This will no doubt, accelerate the move to direct plan mutual funds. It is a huge disruption for the traditional commission models and the $2 Billion Indian Wealth Management industry”.

The penetration of Direct Plan Mutual Funds is still at 13% and Equity Funds is even lesser at 8%, but with the growing popularity of online and mobile-based platform from Jamā.co.in, the trend is set to accelerate.

Mr. Medury added, “Our focus is on Investors and HNIs who are looking for ways to optimize their portfolios with the assurance of strong wealth advisory capabilities. Our team of SEBI Registered Investment Advisors is geared to cater to this.”

About Jamā:

Jamā is a smart wealth advisory platform, which aggregates direct plan mutual funds, portfolio management services, insurance and real estate solutions. Jamā eliminates Mutual Fund commissions resulting in upto 40% gain for customers in the long run.

Jamā offers a comprehensive wealth management solution including financial planning, portfolio structuring, rebalancing to help clients build and conserve their wealth in a highly efficient manner. Clients can try out the solution for free and choose either a flat subscription plan or a customized advisory solution.

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