Sri Krishna born inside prison, now Kamsa Vadh is Guaranteed in Chhattisgarh : Bhupesh

Janmashtami celebrations inside Kotwali police station house given a political twist


Lord Sri Krishna has symbolically taken another birth in the city – to be precise, in a police dungeon of the capital city Raipur. Will he put the reign of notorious, cruel rule of Kamsa, the maternal uncle of the Lord himself, to an end? Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress committee president Bhupesh Baghel believes that Sri Krishna, born at Kotwali police station lock-up on the night of Janmashtami, that was celebrated all over the country on Monday, will definitely put Kamsa’s rule in Chhattisgarh to an end.

Lost the pun? OK…let us tell you that it’s all about a Janmashtami celebration that took place within the Kotwali police station house complex yesterday. The celebration was organised by some lay BJP workers, members and activists. While the organising body put on the show after getting all the due permissions for conducting such religious celebrations inside a police station complex.

The authorities concerned did not deide anything on their own. Instead, they forwarded application asking for guidance on the view to be taken on the application forwarded by the organisers. After they got a green signal to organise Janmashtami celebration inside the Kotwali Thana limits, they went ahead with the programme.

While everything else seemed to be quite in order, something went amiss from the whole scheme of things. The celebrations were sniped at the very next morning of Janmashtami. No one else than PCC president Baghel took to twitter, claiming, ‘Sri Krishna has been born to bring the brutal rule of Kamsa to an end in Chhattisgarh.’ He went a step further, when he twseeted, ‘Destruction of Kamsa is guaranteed now as Sri Krishna has taken birth inside the prisonhouse of Raipur.’

That was quite smart of Baghel indeed as no one else could have ever thought of giving Janmashtami celebrations a political twist like that. It went viral almost immideately.

On the other hand, a video also was post on the social space showing Kotwali police station and the religious fervour with which the celebration was organised. (Video Link :

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