Japanese Princess Mako got married to her college sweetheart

Mako lost her Royal status after her marriage to commoner Kei Komuro

Japanese Princess Mako, the emperor’s niece, was married on Tuesday after years of criticism over her fiance that led to their marriage being postponed for three years and resulted in her being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mako lost her Royal status after her marriage to commoner Kei Komuro, both are of same age 30, was formalized with the submission of documents at a local office. Japanese royal women who marry commoners have to become ordinary citizens, according to Japanese law. The two will live in United States, where Komuro has a job with a law firm.

The two meet as students at Tokyo International Christian University, where Mako studied art and cultural heritage and earned a national certificate in graduation.

The Imperial Household Agency announces their engagement. The two later hold a press conference during which their smiles at each other captivate the public, with their marriage set for November 2018.

Report came in media that there is some money dispute between Komuro’s mother and her former fiance, with the man claiming mother and son had failed to repay a debt of about $35,000. Komuro later said the money had been a gift.

The marriage is postponed, with the official explanation that the couple needs more time to arrange their ceremony and prepare for married life. Meantime Komuro leaves for the United States to study at University law school. He doesn’t return until September 2021.

Komuro graduates from law school and starts working for a New York law firm. He takes the New York bar exam in July, with results due in December.

The Imperial Household Agency announces that the two will be married on Oct. 26. No ceremonies will be held and Mako will not accept a one-off payment made to women who marry out of the Imperial Family, usually around $1.3 million.


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