Jewish couple, child taken off an US airliner, after this happened

In a gruesome act, a Jewish couple and their 19-month-old daughter living in Michigan were taken off from an American Airlines flight.

It is said that the airline told them they were removed because other passengers in the flight and crew members had complained about their body odour.

The local media reports confirmed that Yossi Adler and his wife Jennie along with their little daughter were heading home from a vacation on Wednesday.

Adler struggled to buy the reason given by the airline and said he thinks it was an anti-Semitic reason, according to the report.

However, American Airlines in a statement said that the Jewish family was asked to deplane because of the odour issue which made other passengers uncomfortable.

According to the airline, its employees did not know they were Jewish in the first place.

According to the report, Adler shed light on how the food and lodging vouchers provided by the airline did not work and he ended up paying from his pocket.

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