J&K Crime Branch cited forensic reports to substantiate gang-rape, captivity allegations

eight-year old was allegedly raped and murdered in the case

The horrific Kathua gang rape may have fallen to the politics but the facts of the case have now begun emerging.

It is said that the as excerpts of the first report by the Forensic Science Laboratory (dated 30 January) started circulating wherein it was claimed that no sperm had been detected, the J&K police Crime Branch clarified citing medical experts that a sexual assault had indeed happened.

An eight-year old was allegedly raped and murdered in the case.

As the country went on to amend the rape law to include death penalty for the child rapists, the Crime Branch added that it was on the basis of medical opinion that it had added the charge of gang rape to the case.

It also said that medical opinion has established beyond doubt that the victim was held in captivity and administered sedatives.

The Crime Branch also asserted that the girl’s cause of death was asphyxia leading to a cardio pulmonary arrest.

A total of eight people, including four policemen have been arrested in the case so far.

Two of the policemen have been arrested for allegedly attempting to destroy evidence.

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