Jolie’s ‘The Breadwinner’ is as much woman film as it is about Afghanistan; heres more

Actor Angelina Jolie, who has recently made a movie based on a novel The Breadwinner, termed the film as describing woes of women and women’s rights needs to be central issue.

She said that accepting the film as mere an Afghan story would be doing injustice to the movie.


The Breadwinner novel has been written by Deborah Ellis and it follows a young girl in Afghanistan who disguises herself as a boy to provide for her family.

The animated film is directed by Nora Twomey and executive produced by Jolie along with Mimi Polk Gitlin and Jordan Peele, reported Variety.


“It’s not just an Afghan story… It’s a story of our times and a story of a world in which equal rights for women remain a central burning issue of our time,” Jolie said at the inaugural ‘Animation is Film Festival.

“There are few countries in the world where it is harder to be a young girl, where barriers between girls and their dreams and their rights are so high and so painful to experience and observe,” the actor said.

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