JSPL’s Steel Melting Shop of Raigad has achieved a major milestone

by producing more than 2.80 lakh tonnes in the month of March. It has been the highest production in a month since the establishment of this plant

In the last financial year, the steel milling shap of the plant has achieved success in producing more than 2.8 million tonnes of steel.

FY 2017-18 Jindal Steel and Power Limited is full of achievements for the Raigarh plant.

The team of the plant not only broke their previous records but produced a new record in production from production to dispatch, for example. Executive Director D.K. Saraogi said that steel milling shaps produced 2 lakh, 80 thousand 562 tonnes in March 2018.


The total production this year is 28 lakhs, 50 thousand tonnes. In March, the team of Steel Melting Shap acquired new heights by producing more than 10 thousand tonnes for four consecutive days.

Shri Saraogi said that the production of blast furnace also reached new level this year.


Blast Furnace -1 has achieved success in production of 7 lakhs, 51 thousand, 695 tonnes in the last financial year. On the last day of the financial year, on March 31, both the units of the blast furnace produced 6880 tonnes. DRI and Sinter Plant also achieved success in touching the highest peak production in this financial year.

Lime and Dolomite Plant produced a record 28 thousand 869 tonnes in March. The Oxygen Plant broke its
previous record with a production of 1291 tonnes on the same day on 31st March.

Executive Director Shri Saraogi told that in the financial year 2017-18, JSPL created a new history for the
first time in the country to build the head-hardland rail and export it to Iran. The unit team has also been
successful in the production of 51 thousand, 163 tonne long rail.

In this financial year, Plate Mill achieved the success of rolling 8 millimeters thick and 2800 millimeter chadi plate for the first time in the country. During the year, this unit produced new record by producing 7 lakhs, 75 thousand 975 tonnes. Medium and Light Structural Mill has made the company’s product catalog even more rich by developing 7 new sections this year. The annual usage of this mill was 62 percent, which is the highest level so far.


Apart from this, the mill has achieved new heights in the quarter production. Production of cement and fly ash
bricks also reached the highest level so far this year. Along with the production, Dispatch also saw the
plant’s team performing well this year.

Leadership and Teamwork: The basis of success

D.K. Saraogi, Executive Director, JSPL Raigarh, credited the guidance of Chairman Naveen Jindal for the success.
He hailed spectacular performance by Team Raigad in the financial year 2017-18 and said that this success has been achieved due to skillful leadership and excellent teamwork.

He said that JSPL has now challenge is the tough times and once again it is fully prepared to touch new success stories of success. He expressed confidence that the new financial year would be full of new achievements for the group.

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