Justice Patnaik: No proof against Alok Verma

court need post against AK Verma

Retired Supreme Court judge Justice AK Patnaik, who supervised the CVC probe into alleged corruption charges against then CBI director AK Verma, on Sunday said he was surprised by the speed with which the selection committee went through the voluminous CVC report in less than 24 hours and took a decision to remove Verma from the post.

Speaking to TOI, Justice Patnaik said, “The CVC report along with annexures ran to more than 1,000 pages.
I am surprised the selection committee members could go through all the 1,000 pages in such a short period of time, appreciate the evidence and take the decision that Verma should be shunted out from the CBI director’s post.
It would have been better had the selection committee taken a little more time to appreciate the evidence and taken an informed decision.”

Asked whether the principle of natural justice was followed when the CVC inquired into various charges against Verma, Justice Patnaik said, “Principle of natural justice was fully followed during the CVC inquiry against Verma. As the supervisor appointed by the Supreme Court, it was my job to ensure that the principle of natural justice was scrupulously adhered to.”

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