Kaanger Valley Academy joins hands with Isha Foundation to Rally for Rivers

Kaanger Valley Academy conducted a special assembly to extend its support towards the Rally for Rivers initiated by Isha Foundation under the leadership of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev. Students beautifully highlighted the important role the rivers play in our lives and through poems and speeches they showed their concerns towards our dying rivers. The Rally aims at creating awareness and garner support for the framing of a National Policy on revitalization of rivers in India. The Principal of the School- Mrs. Anjali Muley explained its importance to the students and staff of the School and motivated them to be a part of the Rally. Volunteers from Isha Foundation also addressed the students about the alarming facts of depleting water bodies and the dire consequences of not waking up to this disturbing condition. The Executive Director of KVA-Mr. K.Mohanty also addressed the assembly and responded to various queries of the students, the relevance of miss call in particular and fulfill the motto of the mission. Students were encouraged to spread the word and convey the message to their friends and families and ensure that they proactively participate in the campaign by giving a missed call on the number- 80009-80009 and students pledged to conserve and revitalize our rivers for the benefit of all concerned.

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