Kamal Haasan apologising to Christopher Nolan

Kamal Haasan did make amends though

In fact, for India, anything that Christopher Nolan makes is special. There is a faith that Indians put in him. But there are also those who haven’t watched Dunkirk in a theatre and Kamal Haasan is one such person. When he met Nolan recently, the director is presently in town, he admitted to it. He did make amends though.

Haasan writes, “Met Mr.Christopher Nolan. Apologized for seeing Dunkirk in the digital format and in return am sending Hey Ram in digital format for him to see. Was surprised to know he had seen Paapanaasam.” The latter is the Tamil remake of Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam film Drishyam. Ajay Devgn played Haasan’s character in the Hindi retelling of the story.

It surely is interesting to know that Nolan has watched Paapanaasam… one of the best thrillers of recent times. The Malayalam original has Mohanlal in the lead. It’s also amusing to know that of all the films that the actor has done, he chose to gift Nolan Hey Ram’s digital print. Why not Pushpak we say! That’s one of our favourite Kamal Haasan films. Guess when we meet, we will ask him. Meanwhile you check out what the conversation between Haasan and Nolan looked like.

The director is in India to attend a film event called, Reframing the Future of Film. He landed in Mumbai yesterday and attended the first day of the event. He is here for the 3 days to attend the fest.

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