Kamal Haasan Sets off Buzz on Political Plunge,With Tamil Poem

Kamal Haasan has sparked off speculation on joining politics after he posted a cryptic poem, which says he could be a “leader” if he decides so.

The key word used in the eight-line poem he posted on Twitter is “mudhalvar”, which in Tamil means both chief minister and leader, prompting many to guess if he is joining active politics.

The poem roughly goes:

We have to hit hard to let you know that nobody is a king,
We don’t react emotionally because we aren’t kings like you,
We continue to fight despite being suppressed,
The day WE (people) decide we will become chief minister.

Don’t think we are your slaves because we continue to bend,
Just because we don’t wear a crown, we are not losers,
I can talk to you crassly; But I won’t because it’s wrong.
Unless you seek you can’t find the path,
Come with me my friend, those who avoid ignorance will lead the race for becoming the leader.

Haasan also said he would soon be making an important announcement. That, together with the fact that he is engaged in a running battle with the AIADMK for calling all state departments corrupt, made many conclude he was contemplating a role in politics.

There is already enough buzz of his contemporary and superstar Rajinikanth also mulling a political plunge.

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