Kangana Ranaut Says ‘Punjab is Becoming Hub of Terrorist Activities’ After The PM Modi Security Lapse Incident

Kangana Ranaut on PM’s security lapse incident: Actor Kangana Ranaut, who is often seen speaking and writing in support of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government, commented on the incident that is being seen as the major lapse in the security of the Prime Minister.

She took to her Instagram stories to call the incident ‘shameful’ and an ‘attack on every single Indian.’

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s convoy was stopped by the protestors in Punjab after which his team decided to return. The incident has become the subject of a nationwide debate.

In her long post on Instagram, Kangana wrote, “What happened in Punjab is shameful, Honourable Prime Minister is democratically elected leader/ representative/ voice of 1.4 billion people, an attack on him is an attack on every single Indian… it is an attack on our democracy itself, Punjab is becoming a hub for terroristic activities if we don’t stop them now, nation will have to pay a big price #bharatstandswithmodiji (sic).”


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