Kapil Sharma has Gone on An Abusive Rant while Supporting Salman Khan

Kapil Sharma is literally dropping bombs on Twitter.

Kapil Sharma is literally dropping bombs on Twitter. The star comedian seems to be enraged by the media coverage around Salman Khan’s arrest in the Blackbuck Poaching case.

In an angry tirade, the comedian has hit out at entertainment news portals that have been doing fake news around Bhai’s arrest. We don’t know how the superstar would react reading this but surely his fans would take notice of how Kapil has come out in support.

The comedian has gone on an abusive rant and we are indeed startled. These are strong words and we don’t how the channel that airs Kapil Sharma’s show will react to this.

The star comedian has said that he hates the concept of fake news. He also said that if he was the prime minister he would ensure that everyone who put out fake news were hanged or behind the bars.

We really don’t know what prompted Kapil to go on such a rant but it is surely something that has irritated the shit out of him.


Kapil Sharma’s Family Time with Kapil Sharma has come in the top 10 of the BARC Ratings. The comedian’s comeback has got a relatively heartening response.

The comedian shares a warm relationship with Salman Khan who has often come on his show. This is one matter that will aggravate soon.

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