Kapil Sharma Says People Spreading Lies About Him

Kapil Sharma has said that Sony TV is completely behind him and he is not bothered by ‘people spreading lies’ about him.

Kapil Sharma is in no mood to stay silent. The comedian who is in the eye of controversy ,he said about his current run of allegations and counter allegations with the statement, “I know what I am doing”. He was reacting to his new show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma, being suspended, police complaint being filed against him by an entertainment journalist and many people, including alleged ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes, weighing in on him.

It all began after Kapil took to Twitter to post abuse about the system, media and a journalist in particular. He also called the journalist in question and abused him. A police complaint has been filed against the comedian in this regard.

Talking about the controversies, Kapil is quoted as saying in the report, “The people who want my career destroyed can spread whatever lies they want. I am okay with it. I am not new to people piggy riding on my success. Let them, as long as it gives them the satisfaction they want. I know what I am doing.”

The comedian’s new show, Family Time With Kapil, also stands suspended after being poorly received. Kapil, however, didn’t sound worried, “My channel Sony Entertainment are completely behind him. Sony’s helmers Mr N P Singh and Mr Danish Aslam are the most supportive people I’ve worked with. They believe in me,” he said in the interview.

A source is quoted as saying in the same report that Kapil was not happy with the way the new show was shaping up and felt it didn’t have the spark that his earlier TV shows The Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Nights With Kapil had. “He kept telling his team. ‘Kuch mazaa nahin aa raha hai’. It came to a point where Kapil was losing interest in what he was doing. This is when he decided to call it off,” says the report.

However, as Kapil’s quote suggests, the show’s fate is not final as of now. He has decided to revamp and redesign the show and Sony is “100% behind him”.

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