Kapoors have put RK Studio for Sale

Now that the Kapoors' have put RK Studio for sale, here are a few UNSEEN pics of the iconic films shot there

RK Studios is the most famous and the most recognised landmark in Chembur, Mumbai. The studio has stood the test of time for 70 years now.

But that is all going to come to an end soon as the Kapoor family has decided to pull the curtains down on their most prized possession.

The iconic RK studio is up for sale after being in the Kapoor family for over 7 decades. Talking about it, the co-owner of the studios, Randhir Kapoor stated, “Yes, we have taken the decision to sell RK Studio. It is already up for sale. After the fire that broke at the studio, it was not viable to build the studio again. It was not economically viable to do it again.”

While Rishi Kapoor earlier stated, “We had to place a stone on our hearts. Chhati pe patthar rakh kar, soch samajh kar decision liya hai. (We Kapoors made this decision with a heavy heart) We Kapoors are a very emotional lot but then. The investment in rebuilding the studio would just not have yielded sufficient revenue to keep it going.”

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