Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and Disha Patani,Inside the gym

Wanting to have abs like Katrina Kaif’s? Or are you wanting to have a drastic weight loss transformation like Kareena Kapoor’s? Or do you want to know the secret behind Disha Patani’s hot bod? Worry not! We are here to your rescue. But let’s make it very clear. It’s not a cakewalk. It takes sheer dedication and hardwork to achieve a enviably hot bod like that of any of these actresses. We know it’s Monday and you barely have any motivation to even get out of your bed, but we bet, after taking a look at these celebrity workout videos, you would be left thoroughly inspired to hit the gym right away! Take a quick look at the workout routines of Bollywood’s fittest actresses!

Kareena Kapoor – first, shed all the excessive weight

Look at Kareena! Looks like Cinderella’s fairy godmother just moved her magic wand and voila! Bebo shed all her pregnancy weight just like that! You see Kareena’s pictures over a couple of months ago and you look at her now and you see such a huge difference that you are left simply STUNNED. Though she isn’t there anyway on social media (or so does it seem like), Amrita, her best friend and gym buddy keeps posting their workout videos. Their workouts include abs, crunches and every other exercise in the gym together.

Katrina Kaif – for an intensive training workout session

Post shedding all the excess weight, maintaining your weight is also another task altogether. Also, if you are looking at having a toned hot bod, we’d suggest you to go through this latest workout video of Kat. The actress never misses out an opportunity to work out and well, that’s the only secret behind her fitness.

Alia Bhatt – for gaining strength and maintaining and core fitness training

Again, for gaining strength or maintaining weight, you definitely need to follow Alia’s footsteps. She was overweight back then, before Bollywood happened to her, and look at her now! Not only has she lost all the excess weight but she continues to strive hard to have a healthy lifestyle.

Disha Patani – for all those who hate hitting the gym

Thanks to Disha’s kickass dance workout sessions, she is a huge internet sensation! Have you watched her perform on Ed Sheeran’s popular track Shape Of You? If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest you watch it right NOW! If you are someone who hates going to the gym or doesn’t have the patience to do yoga, you could anyday opt for a sweaty dance cardio session maybe just thrice a week and you are sorted!

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So you better not get bogged down because it’s Monday but rather get up and get going!

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