‘Kashish’ Successfully Organizes Musical Programme for B.S.F. Jawans at Nadabet

‘Kashish’ Successfully Organizes Musical Programme for B.S.F.Jawans at Nadabet

Pine Tree Pictures which is into event management have created a unique IP “Kashish” which tries to revive old melodies.

‘Kashish’ successfully organized a grand Musical event at Nadabet,Gujarat (Indo – Pak border) for B.S.F.Jawans.

The other event is scheduled to be held in Gandhinagar and Bhuj for the Border Security Forces in 3 days.

Famous singer Kanak Chaturvedi and host Gautam Chaturvedi added glow to the event through their wonderful performances, which made the soldiers dance with joy.

They inspired and motivated our jawans who protect the borders of our country.

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