Kim Jong’s Hermit Nation is a serious nation

North, South Korea begin talks on inter-Korean railways

The Hermit Nation is indeed a serious nation – at least so it seems.

The ‘supreme leader’ of the Hermit Nation Kim Jong-Un has got style and resolve too. That’s reflected in the way, North and South Korea are regularly holding bilateral talks to address all their outstanding issues.

North and South Korea on Tuesday began talks to discuss ways to connect and modernize the inter-Korean railways. Prior to this, they also discussed sports relations. It is an ongoing process that took off since the meet of South and North Korean chiefs of government.

Delegations from both sides met at about 10 a.m. at the Peace House in the border village of Panmunjo. They were to discuss the railway connections along the eastern and western corridors across the two Koreas and modernisation of the North Korean railways.

The South Korean chief delegate told reporters that despite international sanctions on the Hermit Nation, that’s the North, over its nuclear and missile programs, the two sides can discuss preparations for the railway connection, which can be made after the sanctions are lifted.

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