KJo talks about the girl who made him cry

When the most celebrated host of the nation is on the other side of the table and being asked questions, what sets in, is a fun, entertaining and inquisitive ambience.

This week’s episode of most loved chat show ‘ Famously Filmfare’ will take the audiences on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with ace director and the newly turned father of two, Karan Johar as the guest. The episode will also showcase the fatherly and extremely loving side of the House of Talent, Karan Johar.

The director-producer opened up to the host of the show Jitesh Pillai, about how he prepared for his fatherhood, and how the thought of having children daunted upon him. The director said, “A day after my 40th birthday, I just felt I need to be a father. I knew I needed to be emotionally ready. So I went into therapy sessions and psychology discussions about what it is to be a father, what it is to raise a child without a mother and also at a certain age in your life. I was asked if the children are my backup plan for not having a love relationship in your life. I really had to go into my internal self to ask if that’s true and the answer was no.”

An emotional Karan further said, “When I held them for the first time, I don’t think I can describe the feeling. I cannot explain what I felt. I just sat in the chair and held my daughter first, as she is a little more vulnerable medically. I didn’t even realize there were tears rolling down my face. That feeling cannot be replaced by any other emotion.”

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