1) Which was the first Indian State to be annexed in 1848 by Lord Dalhousie by the application of the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’?
2) Which rank of the Indian Air Force is equivalent to a Brigadier in the Indian Army?
3) What name is given to the band of striated lines of limestone, which spans the Everest massif between 26000 and 27500 feet?
4) Which eminent scientist joined hands with Sigmund Freud to publish the pamphlet, ‘Why War’ in 1933?
5) What name did Prince Shiladitya assume when he ascended the throne of Kanauj in 606 AD?
6) The Rajamalai Sanctuary in the Kerala highlands is home to which rare variety of the wild goat?
7) Gulf Oil and Indusind Bank are group companies of which business house?
8) What unit of measurement represents the standard length of a furrow on a square field of ten acres in medieval times?
9) Which modern kingdom was founded in 1932 by uniting the four tribal provinces of Hejaz, Asir, Najd and Al Hasa?
10) In 1767, which saint and musical composer was born in Thiruvayur and named after the deity of the temple there?

(1) Satara (2) Air Commodore (3) Yellow Band (4) Albert Einstein (5) Harshavardhana (6) Nilgiri Tahr (7) The Hindujas (8) Furlong (9) Saudi Arabia (10) Thyagaraja



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