Most countries have the Red Cross, Muslim countries have the Red Crescent

1) Most countries have the Red Cross, Muslim countries have the Red Crescent. Which country has the Red Shield of David?
2) What message did Swami Vivekananda send to Tagore after he (Tagore) got the Nobel Prize?
3) By the continuous intermingling of Hindi, Persian and Arabic, a new language emerged. What is this language called today?
4) Which son of Zeus shares his name with a famous American space programme?
5) The broom and bowl are sacred symbols to the Jains. What do their holy men and women use these items for?
6) What would link Jesus Christ, Nawaz Sharif, Isaac Newton and Atal Behari Vajpayee?
7) If you used your hand to play a harmonium, what would you use to play the harmonica?
8) In telecommunications, what kind of a telephone call is a collect-call?
9) The world’s first coins bearing the date 2000 AD were released in 1997 in which country?
10) If Scotland is known for its bagpipes, which instrument is the national emblem of Ireland?

(1) Israel (2) He didn’t. Tagore got the prize in 1913, while Swami Vivekananda had died more than ten years earlier (3) Urdu (4) Apollo (5) The broom is used to sweep aside insects so that no one steps on them and the bowl to collect food for themselves (6) Their birthdays are celebrated on 25 December (7) Hands and lips (8) A phone call that goes through only if the person being called agrees to pay for the call (9) Australia. They were gold coins to commemorate the Sydney Olympics (10) A harp


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