1) What method do the vaqueros use to catch ostriches in the Argentine pampas?
2) On what occasion did Sarojini Naidu write to Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Love to all, and a kiss to the new soul of India’?
3) In Gulliver’s Travels, what caused the war between Lilliput and its neighbor?
4) Why were Nazi stormtroopers particularly prone to varicose veins?
5) The Americans call it ‘temporary tattoo’, what do we call it?
6) The Tibetans call it Chomolungma, meaning ‘Goddess Mother of the world’. What is its English name?
7) Her native name is Tint Tint, meaning dignified. She is now Usha. Who is she?
8) Where might you see Nishi warriors with hornbill caps and knives in monkey-skin scabbards?
9) Why is the owl considered wise?
10) In which European country is the freshwater lake Ijsselmeer?

(1) There are no ostriches in Argentina (2) on the birth of Indira Gandhi (3) Whether to break the broad or the narrow end of an egg (4) From doing the goose steep (5) Mehendi (6) Mount Everest (7) India’s former first Lady Usha Narayanan (8) Arunachal Pradesh (9) It was the symbol of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom (10) The Netherlands


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