KNOWLEDGE INFO sweeper to the gods at the Puri Rath Yatra?

1) Traditionally, who used a gold broom and acted as ‘sweeper to the gods’ at the Puri Rath Yatra?

2) What is the difference between kajal and khol?

3) In 1996, which comic strip was awarded ‘Comic Strip of the Century’ by the French government?

4) According to Aristotle, what ‘is the best provision of old age’?

5) What was the early profession of Mao Ze Dong?

6) In Hindu mythology, what is Paravani?

7) Which phrase is used to describe a Prime Minister’s inner cabinet or most trusted members?

8) Which children’s story by Dodie Smith is also a Walt Disney film?

9) When boiling vegetables, what happens to the calcium inside them?

10) How is ‘Kongzi’ better known to us?Answers-

(1) The Raja of Puri (2) There is no difference (3) Tintin (4) Education (5) Librarian  (6) Kartikeya’s peacock (7) Kitchen Cabinet (8) 101 Dalmatians (9) It does not dissolve (10) Confucius.


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