1) Which Indian diplomat, born Swarup Kumari, was elected the first woman President of the United Nations General Assembly?

2) The autobiography of which prominent Indian is subtitled ‘My Music, My Life’ and has an introduction by Yehudi Menuhin?

3) What is the word ‘soccer’ a shortened form of?

4) Which physical fitness programme was created by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, a former US Air Force flight surgeon, in the late 60s?

5) Which industrialist, who was also responsible for setting up the Visakhapatnam Shipyard, established the Hindustan Aircraft Ltd. in Bangalore in 1940?

6) In Shashi Tharoor’s political allegory, ‘The Great Indian Novel, which mythological character corresponds to M.A. Jinnah?

7) The Nikkei is the main share index of which city’s stock exchange?

8) What is the boundary line demarcating India and China known as?

9) Which six hundred year old temple in Deshnoke is well known for the large number of rats who are called ‘Kabas’ and routinely venerated?

10) Which computer network was originally set up in 1969 by Pentagon researchers as a secure communications system in the event of a nuclear war?



(1) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (2) Ravi Shankar (3) Association Football (4) Aerobics (5) Walchand Hirachand (6) Karna (7) Tokyo (8) McMahonLine (9) Karni Mata Temple (10) Internet



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