1) In the 2001 animated movie Monsters, Inc., a little girl stumbles into the ‘scarefloor’ or Monsters Inc. and befriends the top scarer, Sulley. What does he name her?
2) Early paper or books were made of an Egyptian roll of plant or grass and consisted of long strips of paper. Name this plant.
3) She was the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the first female prime minister of a Muslim nation. Name her.
4) Among the following, one species does not belong to the Canidae family: wolf, coyote, wolverine and fox. Which is the odd one out?
5) Which motorcycle is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer renowned for its popular off-road and street motorcycles?
6) Which South African Black leader was released in 1989 after 26 years in prison?
7) What signal does a flag relay when it is flown upside down?
8) Why is the ‘spectacled bear’ of South America so named?
9) What was the population of the entire Mongol nation that conquered all of northern Asia and China in the thirteen century?
10) How far can a skunk spray its bitter smelling mist?


(1) Boo (2) Papyrus (3) Benazir Bhutto (4) Wolverine (5) KTM (6) Nelson Mandela (7) Distress signal (8) It has whitish circles around the eyes (9) About one million people (10) Ten feet.


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