1) What are mermaids’ purses found on the beach?
2) Which nuclear disaster took place in 1986 in the erstwhile USSR?
3) Which compound’s name originated from a gum taken from plants growing near the temple of Ammon?
4) Which people invented the symbol for zero?
5) What danger is entailed by the male spider while courting a female?
6) Who was the captain of Brazil’s football team when they won the World cup in 1970?
7) What is the property possessed by most metals which renders them capable of being stretched without breaking?
8) In geometry, what is a six-sided, six-angled, two dimensional figure called?
9) What are large open treeless grasslands in South Africa called?
10) To which order of mammals does the tarsier belong?


(1) Egg cases of dogfish (2) The Chernobyl disaster (3) Ammonia (Greek ammoniakon) (4) Indians (5) The danger of being eaten up by the bigger female (6) Alberto Carlos (7) Ductility (8) Hexagon (9) The prairies (10) Primate (like monkeys, apes, etc.).

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