1) Which archaeological site in Punjab takes its name from a village situated near the former course of the Ravi River?
2) Name the Man Booker Prize winner who is the author of ‘The White Tiger’.
3) Which sport is also known as ‘Pugilism’?
4) What theoretical physicists 1998 book, ‘A Brief History of Time’ was followed by his 2005 book, ‘A Briefer History of Time’?
5) Name the volcano that destroyed the Roman City of Pompeii in AD 79?
6) How are ‘Dried Fennel Seeds’ better known in Hindi?
7) Which company is popularly known as the ‘Big Blue’ and is famous for its mainframe technology?
8) Momofuku Ando was the Taiwanese-Japanese businessman who founded the Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. What is his claim to fame?
9) Which warrior in Indian mythology is believed to have originated the Chhath Puja Festival (popular in Bihar) in the honour of the Sun God?
10) Which city was the capital of Pakistan till 1959?


(1) Harappa (2) Arvind Adiga (3) Boxing (4) Stephen Hawking (5) Mt. Vesuvius (6) Saunf (7) Apple (8) Invention of instant noodles (9) Karna (10) Karachi.



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