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KSFE rejects VACB charges of “serious irregularities”

Thiruvananthapuram:The Kerala State Financial

Enterprises on Monday rejected the Vigilance and Anti- Corruption Bureau’s charges of ‘serious irregularities” after raids on nearly 40 KSFE branches and said only minor lapses in daily business could be found there in its internal auditing.

KSFE Chairman Peelipose Thomas said if the Vigilance share their findings of any other serious lapses, they were ready to look into it.

Criticising the Vigilance team who carried out the searches on Saturday, Thomas said the investigating officials did not know even the basic lessons of running the chitties business.

“We have carried out internal auditing in all these branches where the Vigilance conducted the searches.

But we could not find any serious lapse in any branch in our auditing, except some minute lapses in day-to-day business,” he told reporters in Pathanamthitta.

Justifying the mode of operation of KSFE chitties, Thomas said the agency had not started any business without giving the treasury deposit.

State Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac, who had vehemently criticised the Vigilance for the raids in KSFE branches, on Monday softened his stand and said did not intend to carry forward the debates in connection with the KSFE.

He also said that he would examine the lapses, pointed out by the media, in connection with the chitties business and was ready to correct it if any mistake was found.

Isaac on Sunday said the Vigilance action would only help private financial institutions and political opponents.

“I have no objection to the raids. But it should be done in a proper manner.

Conducting a vigilance probe, submitting a report to the government and taking action if necessary are normal procedures,” he had said.


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