Leadership Crisis in Congress need ‘Sweeping Changes’

23 Senior Leaders write to Sonia Gandhi demanding for a change

The Congress Working Committee meet on Monday, 23 senior Congress leaders,including five former Chief Ministers,sitting MPs Shashi Tharoor and Manish Tiwari,members of Congress Working Committee and over a dozen former union ministers,have written a letter to party Chief Sonia Gandhi,asking her to make “sweeping changes” in the party and stop its “steady decline”.

The senior party leaders have said they are unhappy with “uncertainty” and “drift” in the party. The letter calls for an “honest introspection”, “collective leadership”,and stresses that the “youth are losing confidence” in the party.

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The letter points at the rise of the BJP and admits that people unfalteringly voted for Narendra Modi. Then expresses worry over the large erosion of the support base of the Congress and calls for an urgent need for “full time and effective leadership”,decentralization of power,elections within the Congress at all levels,and empowerment of state units.

While the leaders have refrained from naming Rahul Gandhi directly in the letter,they insist that the introduction of elections in Youth Congress and NSUI has lead to “conflict and division”.

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