Legally bizarre; Mom serves eviction notice to unborn baby, know more

Legally bizarre; Mom serves eviction notice to unborn baby, know more

A pregnant mom, tired of waiting, served her unborn baby with an eviction notice, signed by a judge. Incredibly enough, the baby obeyed and was born 12 hours later.

Kaylee Bay, from Utah, US, was pregnant with her third child when she began to experience labour pains on October 16, reports Bay Today. The pains, however, soon stopped, which is when Kaylee, who works at a court, decided to serve her unborn baby an eviction notice.

She asked a colleague, Judge Lynn Davis, to sign a “legal” notice addressed to the occupier of ‘Mummy Belly Lane, Womb, Utah’, reports Huffington Post.

The legal notice seemed to have worked, for Gretsel Connie Hansen was born just 12 hours later.

The American Fork Hospital on Wednesday released pics of the happy mum with her baby girl, as well as the hilarious eviction notice:

A baby girl born this morning at American Fork Hospital did so under official court orders.

Kaylee Bays was two weeks away from her delivery date when she began having contractions on Monday, Oct. 16. She thought for sure the baby was coming, but the pains stopped and she was back to work on Tuesday at the Fourth District Court. A little worn out and ready to get this baby here, Kaylee asked Judge Lynn Davis to sign an eviction notice.

The judge was happy to comply, and signed and stamped the official notice. He told Kaylee that in 31 years, this was the first time he’d ever been asked to sign an eviction notice for a fetus. It must have had some effect because just 12 hours later, Baby Gretsel was born. “She didn’t want to be in contempt of court,” joked Kaylee.

We’re glad mom and baby are doing well!

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