Leopard cub spotted, civilians panic, then this happened

Eventually, the animal was rescued by forest officials

In a shocking case, the residents of Shimla spotted a leopard cub near district courts complex at Chakkar.

The incident caused enough panic and furore in the area.

Eventually, the animal was rescued by forest officials.

It has been learnt from the eyewitnesses that leopard cub was hiding under a parked car.

After spotting the cub, the locals summoned the police who in turn called for forest officials.

“The rescue team reached the spot and captured the cub using a net instead of a tranquilizer gun and took it to Tuti Kandi rescue and rehabilitation centre,” police said.

Although, catching hold of the cub was not an easy task for the officials as it kept shifting spots underneath the parked cars, the eyewitnesses said.

Prima facie, it seems that the cub was separated from its mother, forest officials suspect.

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