LIFE SKILLS-important to know

Humans are adaptable creatures and we in a short period set such a life routine that we dont wanna change it.But life skills are very important and we are listing the most important of them.

Life skills is something which is required at every phase of life.But very less people are aware of that and even if people know they wont follow.So today we will explain you the most basic life skills which is very important in today’s world.
The first question which comes in everyone’s mind is what are life skills and why we need them?

so LIFE SKILLS are the basic skills which are acquired by learning or by direct life experiences which helps to solve the daily life issues.

Need of life skills-
To make citizens aware of the rights and responsibilities.

To be active in the community.

To be capable to influence people.

Be informed about social and cultural issues and many more.

It gives one voice to speak at different level as well as build confidence and contribute positive to the society.

So for them who already knew all this before are requested to bring it into their daily life from this very moment.

Life skills one need to adopt as soon as possible includes-

FOCUS AND SELF CONTROL-this is something every youth lack now a days,everyone knows that they are the only one who knows themselves in real,they know their own potential and capabilities the only thing is to direct the focus in the right direction.

PERSPECTIVE TALKING-this in simple terms means way of looking at each and everything,everyone should focus on learning something or the other from each and every person as well as each and every thing.Making perspective develops our brain.

COMMUNICATING-this is the most important skill as in today’s world everyone should know how to present them self on spot.

MAKING CONNECTIONS-each and every person is useful in one or the other way.You should be smart enough to know how you can get benefited from someone or how you can benefit someone.

CRITICAL THINKING-observation,analysis and interpretation is very important for each and every second,one situation should be evaluated from all the corners before making any decision.

TAKING ON CHALLENGES-the fire inside you should never end,grasping the right opportunity at the right time can make you stand different in front of others.

SELF DIRECTED,ENGAGED LEARNING-one should initiate the learning at any time and any place and should feel himself/herself responsible for the outcome.One should manage and assess their own learning processes, what they are learning , how they will be benefited,etc.
So this was a short initiative to make you all guys aware that how small change in you can benefit you in so large and make you achieve what you want.
keep reading,keep sharing.


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