Lionel Messi’s son singing in Catalan

On Friday Messi posted a video on social media of his child singing in Catalan. The clip on Instagram shows Messi’s two-year-old son Mateo singing a nursery rhyme in the regional language.

Among the flood of comments triggered by the post was one from Messi’s teammate, Gerard Pique.In his comment to Messi’s Instagram video Pique replied: “In Catalonia they never stop indoctrinating children with ‘Jean Petit qui danse‘…” in a sarcastic dig at those in Spain who accuse Catalan authorities of indoctrination in schools.


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His tongue-in-cheek blast was topical as it came after the Madrid government on Tuesday rejected an attempt to beef up school inspections to stamp out the alleged indoctrination of children.

Central defender Pique has never publicly backed independence, but has been an outspoken campaigner for a referendum on the issue.His participation in the October 1 independence referendum deemed constitutionally illegal by Madrid has seen some fans call for the veteran Spanish international to stop playing for his country.

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