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How to Drop Your Ego

It’s very hard to find anyone that’s immune to the happiness of a child’s smile, the innocence of child’s mind or the freedom of their honesty.

It’s liberating to see them get lost in something they’re passionate about.

I’ve found that the freedom of losing oneself is something a lot of people avoid once they reach adulthood, and I think the main reason is to protect themselves from being vulnerable to avoid getting hurt. When in retrospect this is more of a sign of weakness than strength.

This is why in times that we’re driven by the same innocence/naivety of a child we can clear our minds and remove the fear and doubt that we have as a result of the limitations we set on ourselves.

If we grow and expand our awareness every time we “fail,” then why are people so afraid to fail?

Surely this is the beauty of life. The endless journey of different experiences, feelings, mistakes and lessons.

As we grow up and develop our emotional and social intelligence our character starts to form and mould our personality from a very young age, however interestingly as a child we haven’t learnt or become trapped by our ego.

They aren’t frightened by the fear of failure that most of us learn as we get older. I believe Jim Carrey said it best in his commencement address at the 2014 M.U.M. graduation, “If you listen to the ego, there will always be someone doing better than you.

No matter what you gain, the ego will not let you rest. It will tell you that you cannot stop until you’ve left an indelible mark on the earth, until you’ve achieved immortality.

Children are not scared to express their emotions, they are not scared to say what they think, to show what they feel or feel the beauty of the unknown. They live in the present moment, in the now.

In the first part of our own personal inner growth, we try to adapt to different people and situations to feel worthy and accepted. Our mind starts to work and our egos start to grow and begin to take control of our life and our thoughts.

We generally put on an act to be everything but ourselves in order to feel “liked.” It takes a lot of personal work to discover who you are and not to be driven by the temptations of the ego. It’s a constant journey, one that a lot of people avoid yet ironically still want the benefit of the end result.

The truth is that in the process of our personal developmental journey and life challenges we are bound to get hurt. Be it different experiences, bad relationships, betrayal or abandonment, a lot of these experiences form in us like a leach of fear that drains and taints our perspective on future experiences and relationships.

I often hear people say, “I have to be more careful, I was hurt last time.” And “How can I trust anyone when so many people have betrayed me?” But is this the actual truth or only the perspective/voice of your ego?Shouldn’t we instead become better people from those experiences rather than close ourselves to new ones?

Shouldn’t we instead be everything contrary to those experiences and people, and just use them as lessons to tackle new challenges with a new awareness and knowledge?

By being more controlling of our lives we actually block ourselves from new experiences. I don’t believe the aim should be to be more “careful” but rather to be “full of care.” We can’t control our relationships to be certain we won’t get hurt, it’s a matter of learning from our past experiences and learning to let go of our egos to live like a child does. To fall down and get back up, but with every fall become a bit stronger, smarter and more aware.

We are here to experience, to develop nurturing relationships with our higher self and to find our purpose.

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