Liver gets transported on suburb rail network, from Thane to Dadar

In yet another major success of using rapid transit modes for other constructive purposes, the liver of a 53-year-old man, after he was declared brain-dead, was transported in a suburban train.

The incident is of suburb train from Thane to Dadar.

The transport was done to transplant liver in a patient at a city hospital, as per railway officials.

This was possibly the first instance when a human organ was ferried on the suburban rail network, considered Mumbai’s lifeline, for transplant.

After the donor was declared brain-dead Friday, his liver, as per his wish, was donated and was carried in an ice box from Thane’s Jupiter Hospital to Parel’s Global Hospital, where the recipient was admitted, an official said.

He said the decision to transport the liver in a local train was taken after considering it was the fastest mode and faced no traffic snarl issues.

The 31-km distance between Thane and Dadar stations was covered in just 38 minutes during non-peak hours. It took another 20 minutes for the organ to reach the designated hospital in Parel through a green corridor.

The entire exercise was completed smoothly due to coordination between traffic police personnel and railway officials deployed at Thane and Dadar stations.

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