Lockdown for 10 days in Raipur, Borders will remain sealed

Vegetable and Grocery shops will also remain closed

Corona virus has become uncontrollable in the capital of Chhattisgarh. In view of this, full lockdown has been imposed in Raipur for 10 days. Raipur Total Lockdown will remain from 6 pm on 9 April to 6 am on 19 April. All the borders of the district will remain sealed. Collector S. Bharti Dasan has given this information through a press conference.

Collector S. Bharti Dasan said in a press conference that the time has been fixed for the delivery of milk. Liquor shops, tourist places, government and private offices will remain closed. Except examinations approved by the government, other examinations will be postponed. Covid related work will continue.

key points for Lockdown

1.To entre Raipur need e-pass.
2.Liquor shops will remain closed.
3.vaccination of Covid is permitted.
4.A maximum of 3 people will be allowed in emergency, including four-wheelers, drivers in autos.
5.Media workers will work from home. In case of additional critical situation, it will be mandatory to show ID card.
6.Petrol pumps and medical services will be operated.
7.Only those associated with the services identified in petrol pumps will get petrol
8.Taxi services to the railway station and airport will remain operational.
9.Vehicles will be seized for 15 days if they are misused
10.All religious institutions will remain closed.
11.Only milk, petrol pumps and medical services will be operated.
12.The general public will not get vegetables. Grocery shops will also remain closed.

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