Lok Sabha Passes Citizenship Amendment Bill By a Large Majority

New Delhi: Late on Monday night, the Lok Sabha passed the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 with a large majority. Of the members present, 311 voted in favour of the Bill and 80 voted against.

The controversial Bill passed after an intense debate on its implications. While it was a given that the Union government would easily sail through the motion in the Lok Sabha, a range of political parties came out to oppose the Bill. Some of the BJP’s allies who supported the Bill also made it a point to say that they were not happy with the alleged partisan approach of it.


None had any objections to the idea that India should welcome persecuted minorities from neighbouring countries as citizens. However, the point of contention to the CAB was two-fold. One, why were only Muslims left out from the list of persecuted minorities? The opposition parties, and some BJP allies as well, questioned the government’s intentions and said that the exclusion of Muslims is a continuation of the BJP’s unhesitant anti-Muslim political stance. Lok Sabha: Amit Shah Defends Citizenship Amendment Bill; Congress Calls it ‘Unconstitutional’ Two, many parties asked why only three Muslim-majority nations – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan – had been singled out to be included in the Bill.

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